Access to a World of Choice

The Hummingbird is an access switch that empowers people who are non-verbal to express themselves through the power of a specialized technology.

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Simple But Smart

  • Magnetic Clasp Closure
  • Adjustable Neckband & Extension Cable
  • Easy to Clean Silicone

Powerful Technology

  • Lightweight Power Pack (2 AA batteries)
  • Adjust to clarity of individual’s hum
  • Unaffected by loud environments

Introducing The Hummingbird

The Hummingbird is an innovative access switch that enables communication and interaction like never before. Specially designed for people who are non-verbal with severe physical disabilities, the Hummingbird converts vocal cord vibrations into multiple outputs for easy use with computers, smart phones, tablets, environmental control units, Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) devices or other Bluetooth-enabled digital devices. This little pack has powerful potential.

How to Use

Advanced communication and interaction device

Help the Hummingbird Take Flight

A simple yet powerful device, the Hummingbird is
on its way to do great things. Join us in making communication and interaction easier than ever.

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